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jamaican woman are no good always cheating Options
Posted: Wednesday, April 7, 2021 2:03:11 PM

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i was with a girl for 7 years through school at that time i never had anything but still try to help out in every way possible i was and still is faithfull untill her mom died and a long time friend started helpping out this guy is 44 years old i was 31 and she is 25 any way he started helping out on the funeral arangements and just like that she leave me for him. saying that i shoud better my life i am talented a computer technician graphic designer website design but no job and no qualification it is sad because i give her everything i could. but it still was not good enuff SMH
average jamaican
Posted: Wednesday, April 14, 2021 2:06:32 PM

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Whether or not you believe it you are one of the fortunate ones. This could have happened 10 years down the road after you'd spent 50 million and dissed even your family for her. Give thanks for small mercies.
I once heard a story of a security guard who braved the elements and gunmen, working at nights with his trusty dog and baton, to bring home the entire pittance to put in his lady's hands every fortnight. He didnt feel so good one night and skulled work to go get a little soup with the intention of returning in three hours or so. When he pushed his room door at three that morning his woman was fast asleep and so was the other fellow. What would you have done?
Posted: Saturday, October 29, 2022 11:55:48 AM
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Relationships are like that; they come to an end for various reasons. And I don't know if gratitude is a good reason for someone to stay in a relationship. I'm sure you would rather be with someone tho cares for you and want to stay for that reason.

You may have been be disappointed that your ex left, but she left you with good advice: Better yourself. You say you are gifted computer technician and web designer but you have no formal qualification. Unfortunately, evidence of formal training from an accreditation programme/institution is all people have to go by to make an initial judgement of your basic skills. People need to get that in order to be competitive as each year, hundreds of people graduate formal programmes with the same skills.

Let's hope by now, you have heald and you are on that journey of self-improvement.

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