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I Stole My Brother's Girl Friend Options
Posted: Saturday, November 23, 2019 12:47:25 PM

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I just want to say big up on your website. You are doing a splendid job so keep it up. You have given people like us the opportunity to share our experiences with others and let them wet up themself. I am not going to tell you that you have given us the opportunity to come out because how Jamaica is moving now it coming like everybody a freak, everyone I know at least.

Anyway I have this experience that I want to share with the readers. I was always interested in females. I think I realized that at an early age of 9 when some white girls my aged moved next door to where I live. Being that it was an upscale community and my mother was so welcoming she went next door to meet the new neighbours. So from then both families became close friends. They were the Barkers. They had two little daughters my age (9) as I said before and a son. Anyway every day after school they would come over to play with me and my twin brother. Until one afternoon we decide to play hide and seek it became different. I remembered vividly running under the bed to hide and finding Sarah under there. We started to laugh and tried to silence ourselves as her sister searched for us around the house. While being there for a while and getting bored we started to get out when I felt Sarah hands on my little pussy. I was confused so I went back under thinking she was trying to get me back in when suddenly she came towards me and started kissing me. She parted my lips slowly and dip her tongue in. It was fantastic as I felt my body jerked and my little pussy jumping out of control. We kissed for a while until I heard my mother calling me. That was 10 years ago. Now I am 19 and fully experienced. Don't get me wrong, I am not only a woman lover, I am bisexually and loving it. The best of both worlds I always say.

When the first time I saw Tanya I was mesmorize by her beauty and shape. My twin brother Richard introduce her to us (the family) while we were having dinner one evening. The way he was talking and behaving I would say my brother was in love. During the few months when Tanya come around we were always hanging out together and me just being a good sister in law. No one in my family except Richard knew I was bisexual. One evening I was in my room watching TV and I heard a knock on my door so I said come in and it was Tanya standing there looking all sexy as usual. I asked her what's up and she told me she came to see my brother. I told her he wasn't home from work yet but she can stay in my room and wait for him. She walked over and sit on the bed but I realized she was uneasy. I asked her if she was cool and she said yes, so I went back to the TV. Then suddenly I felt her hands tracing lines up my legs. I turned around and look at her and she didn't hesitate, she just came down and planted a sweet kiss on me. We were there for about 5 minutes sucking out each other's tongue while my mind said no and my body screamed yes.

I slowly got up and remove her tight green dress from her body. Fuck, this girl so sexy and shape damn good! I started kissing on her neck then slowly reaching down to her breast. I took a nipple in my mouth. I heard her let out a low grasp. I lick around that nipple softly, while giving it a little bite. She apparently loved that because I felt her body jerked. I kissed slowly down to her belly and push my tongue in her navel. Then I went for the love nest. I spread her legs so far apart you would swear she was giving birth. I started licking her clit and sucking on it, then I heard she let out a moan. I stiffen my tongue and plunge it deep in her wet, tight, smell good pussy. I continue stroking her with my tongue harder and fast while rubbing her clit. I suck on that clit and nibble and lick as if my life depended on it. I felt her hold down my head deeper in her pussy and started wining like crazy in my face, screaming, "Mi a cum, mi a cum, bloodclaat!" and exploded all over my face. I look up at her with her cum glistening on my face as she said, "You know how long me want feel yuh tongue inna me hole!"

I got up and took off my clothes because I wasn't finish with her yet. She started staring at me as if in a trance because I have a 36D breast, 38 hip , a 24 waist and a very pretty face. I went over to her, put my legs thorough hers and started grinding on her pussy. She started to moan loudly and kissing me as I wine harder on her. Our pussies were there touching and rubbing on each other. It felt damn good! I started going faster because I felt my cum building up. Then I heard her shouted, "Me a cum again, go faster!" I came within seconds with she right behind me. We collapsed on the bed still tangled together. From that day on we fucked every chance we got until she couldn't keep it anymore. She told my brother and of course we got in a huge quarrel but he never told anyone on me. He just avoided me and Tanya told him she loves me. Richard have not spoken to me from that day and it's 3 weeks now and yes I am still fucking Tanya. Them pussy deh too sweet for me to give up. Anyway keep up the good work until I have another spicy story to tell you.

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