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Tessanne Chin on The Voice ( Winner) Options
Posted: Sunday, November 10, 2013 1:27:07 PM

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Tessanne Chin makes spectacular debut on "The Voice"

12:22 am, Wed September 25, 2013


Tessanne Chin, performing on "The Voice"

Tessanne Chin, one of Jamaica's most talented young singers, stepped into the international spotlight on Tuesday night when she made her first appearance in Season Five of NBC's "The Voice", one of the top rated talent shows in America.

When it was her turn to show what she was made of, Chin stepped confidently onto the stage and, almost from the first note, she won over three of the four judges - Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green, and Christina Aguilera. Blake Shelton, listening keenly for that special quality in her voice, could contain himself no longer when she hit the high notes in the chorus to the song, "Try" by Pink. Like the others before, he hit the button and spun his chair around to behold the fascinating face behind the captivating voice.


Chin's dad, and her husband, Michael Anthony Cuffe Jnr, could hardly contain themselves backstage as they saw the reactions of the judges and the audience. Cuffe shouted "Yes! All four, baby, all four", in reference to the fact that all four judges had responded positivbely. Her father, even more animated, shouted "Show it to them, baby! Show it to them!"

When it came time to choose which of the four judges would be her coach for the rest of the contest, Chin opted for Adam Levine, who, a minute before, had described her talent as "crazy special." This choice was to the chagrin of the other three judges who had all expressed a strong desire to work with her, Aguilera saying they were "all pretty desperate to have you."

In her personal pitch, Aguilera told Chin that she admired her "passion and heart... such a powerhouse and an unbelievbly talented vocalist, such a kind and warm sense about you that I just want to be given the chance to bond with you, work with you and help you in any way that I can." Visibly moved by that appeal from Aguilera, Chin could only exclaim "Wow!".

Ultimately, however, she chose Levine, who had enthusiastically proclaimed "My favourite music comes from where you are from! Reggae music is the greatest thing in the world to me. It would have been the greatest mistake of a lifetime, not to turn around for you... You could easily win The Voice, this year; I don't have a doubt in my mind."

Explaining her decision, Chin said "I'm a fan of music, period, and I just want to be the best vocalist, I'm very interested in learining how I can better evolve... I think I'm going to go with Adam."

Jamaican accent

That choice was met with great approval from the audience, but the best response was probably from her proud dad, who proclaimed: "Oh man! My likkle baby!" in his unmistakable Jamaican accent.

That Jamaican accent was also one of Tessanne's winning points in the exchanges with the judges as well. In response to Cee Lo Green's "Where are you from?" she proudly responded "I'm from Kingston, Jamaica!" And when she proclaimed that singing " is my bread an butta", Levine was so taken with her accent, he asked her to repeat the phrase, which she did, to thunderous applause from audience.

Tessanne Chin Could ‘Easily Win,’ Says Adam Levine

12:08 am, Wed September 25, 2013

Tessane dominated night two of this season’s blind auditions on Tuesday night's episode of ‘The Voice.’

It was Tessanne Chin, 28, who really had the judges going all-in. The final performer of the evening, singing “Try” by Pink, the Jamaican songstress had all four judges turned around by the time she hit the song’s chorus.

Having performed on tour with well-known reggae singer Jimmy Cliff, Tessanne is no novice, but she was still nervous to go on The Voice.

“This is my first time, on this level, singing a song that’s not reggae,” Tessanne revealed. “I’m going to hold on with two hands and make the most of this opportunity.”

Jimmy, himself, called in to wish her luck. He said her audition was “a great opportunity for America to see you.”

She knocked it out of the park, giving Adam the confidence to proclaim, “You could easily win The Voice this season.”And with that, Team Adam snagged the final performer for the second night in a row.

Tessane Chin & Donna Allen dominate first battle round on The Voice

12:40 am, Tue October 15, 2013

Courtesy: NBC
‘The Voice’ coaches were back Monday, and ready to have it out on stage, as they each pinned two of their own team members against each other.
Jamaican Tessane Chin moved on to the next round after Monday's battles.

It was the first night of the battle rounds on The Voice‘s fifth season, and nothing compared to the face-off between Donna Allen and Tessanne Chin. These two powerhouse vocalists tore up the stage with their rendition of Emeli Sande‘s “Next to Me.” Donna’s voice was so powerful, the judges couldn’t stop comparing her toTina Turner. But it was Tessanne Chin’s dynamic vocal performance that made Adam Levine choose her. He just couldn’t give up on the one he said could win The Voice.

In an online poll conducted by the Hollywood Life Magazine the Tessane vs. Donna Battle came out on top by a wide margin, having garnered 66.7% of the votes.

The Voice is seen locally on TVJ delayed and Live on RETV.

Another strong performance by Tessanne Chin on The Voice

12:50 am, Tue November 5, 2013

The consensus across all media platforms and in all the reviews read pointed to Tessanne Chin as the stand-out performer on Monday evening's first live show of the 2013 edition of NBC’s The Voice.

Chin, proudly representing her rich Jamaican musical heritage, performed a stirring rendition of Jimmy Cliff’s Many Rivers to Cross. As her vocals soared on the high notes of this classic (from the soundtrack to the movie, The Harder they Come), so did the audience reaction.

Mission accomplished to thunderous applause and a standing ovation from her coach, Adam Levine, the singer appeared overwhelmed with it all for a moment, shedding tears of joy. When the host, Carson Daly, queried whether these were “happy tears” she nodded with a smile, and no wonder, because this was another flawless performance which again won the hearts of the judges.

Cee Lo Green, by then caught up in the aura of the Jamaican moment on this huge American stage, could not resist breaking into Bob Marley’s “No Woman no Cry” in response to her tears.

She, in turn, responded playfully: "Talk de tings, Cee Lo, talk de tings!" she said, reflecting her growing comfort and confidence in herself and with her Jamaican accent in that setting, which is going over very well with the judges and the live audience. Christina Aguilera, reaffirming her love for the Jamaican's "gorgeous voice", added that when she is not singing, "I just love to hear you talk!"

Levine, her coach, told her that, in his opinion, "it doesn't get better, vocally, than what you just did!"

Tessanne’s performance was the last of the night, which saw all members of the Blake Shelton and Adam Levine teams in action. The other ten singers, representing team Cee Lo and team Christina will perform on Tuesday and then, on Thursday, twelve of the 20 contestants will be retained, based on voter support, while the other eight will exit the competition.

Meanwhile, after initially fearing that they would have been restricted to offering Chin only moral support, home based Jamaicans have discovered that they are indeed able to vote for her via the website thevoice.com or buying her performances on The Voice on iTunes.

With each purchase of the contestant’s song, five votes are added to that contestant’s tally. Votes may also be cast by calling 1877-553-3710.
Posted: Tuesday, November 26, 2013 2:03:59 PM

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Tessanne Brings Reggae Vibes To Voice
Published: Tuesday | November 26, 2013 18 Comments
Tessanne Chin
Tessanne Chin
After coach Christina Aguilera requested to hear more of Tessanne Chin's accent, her request was granted when the Jamaican songbird belted out a Caribbean-flavoured version of No Doubt's Underneath It All.

Before hitting the stage, her coach Adam Levine stated that the song, which includes a dancehall verse from Lady Saw, was perfect for the Jamaican pop vocalist hero that she is.

Chin certainly brought her Jamaican vibe to the stage and was rewarded with a standing ovation from Levine.

"You made me feel irie!" declared Cee-Lo Green. "It was really impeccable."

Aguilera told Chin she had tapped into her truth.

Said Aguilera: "I heard something I was searching for."

To vote for Tessanne Chin, fans can dial 1855-864-2302.

Posted: Tuesday, December 3, 2013 1:32:02 PM

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Jamaicans party for Tessanne votes

Published: Tuesday | December 3, 2013 2 Comments
Tessanne Chin
Tessanne Chin

Jamaicans seem to find a way to make a party of everything. NBC's The Voice gave Jamaicans and fans of the country an excuse to do so last night.

Days before Tessanne performed, tweets, email blasts, and hard-copy invitations began circulating like wildfire. Not just in Jamaica, but all over the United States.

At the Jamaica Breeze restaurant, in Queens, Brooklyn, something had been organised called a Tweet Party.

The same was true in St Andrew, Jamaica, where a party was scheduled for Usain Bolt's Tracks and Records on Constant Spring Road.

According to a release from Kingston Live Entertainment, the tweet party was to "mobilise support for pop reggae sensation and top-6 finalist, Tessanne Chin".

At press time yesterday, hundreds were still expected to take part in the #TessTop4 event.

The release regarding the New York event encouraged everybody who could, to get down to the Jamaica Breeze's 232-02 Merrick Boulevard address, but if that was an impossibility, then persons were asked to "tweet, tweet, tweet!"

It is not yet known how much of an impact the parties have had, however, later tonight will provide the litmus test
Posted: Wednesday, December 4, 2013 8:41:01 AM

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Semi-final Tess! Jamaican songbird moves up in 'The Voice'
Published: Wednesday | December 4, 2013 6 Comments

Davina Henry, Staff Reporter

With only two weeks until a winner is crowned, anxiety was at an all-time high for supporters of Tessanne Chin.

Only five contestants were guaranteed a spot in the semi-final, and this was the last opportunity for fans to instantly save one of the contestants via tweeting.

In the spirit of the Yuletide season, Kelly Clarkson opened the show with her latest Christmas single, Underneath the Tree, and prepared the contestants for the inevitable voting results.

Monday night, Blake Shelton admitted that Tessanne was a world-class vocalist and voters certainly agreed. With both her performances of the previous night making it into the top 20 on the iTunes chart, the TessTop4 parties held across the Corporate Area certainly paid off.

After announcing that her family's support meant everything to her, Tessanne breathed a sigh of relief as it was announced that she was guaranteed a spot in the semis.

Adam Levine, who had pulled off a Houdini act by having all his contestants saved from eliminations in two consecutive weeks, had that trend continue into the semi-final.

Tessanne also joined contestants Matthew Schuler and Jacquie Lee earlier in the night for a rendition of You Got the Love by Florence Welch. The contestants gave a spectacular rendition of O Holy Night.
Posted: Thursday, December 12, 2013 1:59:11 PM

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Voice glory beckons: Tessanne into final three

11:36 pm, Tue December 10, 2013

Tessanne Chin

Tessanne Chin, from Kingston, Jamaica, with the accent to prove it, is through to the final three on NBC's The Voice, the singing talent contest that has gripped her island home, almost as much as the final of the men's 100m in the Olympics usually does.

On the results show on Tuesday night, Chin's was the first "saved" contestant named by host Carson Daly, evoking a look of great joy and satisfaction on the face of the lady who has become a crowd favourite.

James Wolpert, her fellow Team Adam contestant, was not so fortunate. He was the first of the final five to depart, having not garnered enough votes to land in the top three.

Jacquie Lee from Team Christina was the next contestant to go through to the top three, leaving the "nervous two" - Will Champlin and Cole Vosbury to await the announcement of who would take that final spot going into the last show of the contest next week.

When it came, Will Champlin was in and Vosbury out, leaving Blake Shelton, the most successful coach with three wins out of the four completed seasons, without a contestant in the final.

Shelton therefore joins Cee Lo Green on the coaching sidelines, while Adam Levine, although losing James Wolpert, goes into the final contest with a strong hand: Champlin and Chin versus Christina Aguilera's lone survivor, the 16 year old Jacquie Lee.

On Monday's performance night Chin scored big with her rendition Simon and Garfunkel's "Bridge Over Troubled Water" and the resulting number one ranking of the song based on iTunes sales proved she was now a firm favourite to reach the final night and perhaps fulfil earlier predictions that she would win.

Nothing is guaranteed, however, and on that final night, all that has gone on before might be of no significance.
Posted: Wednesday, December 18, 2013 8:19:42 AM

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Terrific Tessanne wins The Voice

Published: Tuesday December 17, 2013 | 10:57 pm 20 Comments

After 12 weeks, twelve songs, and tonnes of votes, Jamaican Tessanne Chin has emerged the winner of the American Talent Show, The Voice.

Her Adam Levine-coached teammate, Will Champlin, was announced third and Jacquie Lee of Team Christina second

Tessanne who last week told host Carson Daly that a win would mean a great deal for her, walks away with a recording contract with Universal Music Group and US$100,000 (J$10 million).

As the Jamaican was announced the winner of The Voice in Los Angeles, California; Half-Way Tree, St Andrew erupted.

The horn-blowing, flag-waving fans had long congregated in the St Andrew capital and several other Corporate Area locations in anticipation of the announcement of The Voice winner.

Tessanne's journey on The Voice began on September 24 when she blasted her way onto the show and into the hearts of fans and the four coaches, Levine, Christina Aguilera, CeeLo Green and Blake Shelton.

But she would choose Levine to be her coach for the competition.

After eliminating contenders Donna Allen and Ashley DuBose in the battle and knock out rounds, respectively, Tessanne moved on to the live rounds, flooring the judges and the audience and triggering a Twitter firestorm week after week.

#TeamTessanne parties would also pop up locally and internationally, as fans of the 'bread and butter' artiste ensured that Tessanne remained atop the voting and the iTunes charts.
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