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But A How God A Allowed Dis To Happen To His Jamaican People Dem Options
Posted: Friday, January 14, 2011 8:03:18 PM

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Thugs from a community in Clarendon are said to collecting 'rent' money from a church they say was built on lands residents once used for recreational purposes.
Information gathered by THE WEEKEND STAR is that the church was constructed a year ago.

It is said that a few months after its opening, some men approached the pastor and demanded monthly payments since the house of worship has taken away the place they normally use for fun.

"A yah so me grow up and from me a youth a ova da open land deh di people dem from bout yah play ball, keep dance and all kinda ting. A nuh disrespect thing but since dem tek weh di place di community normally use, dem suppose to give back a thing to di community," one thug said before adding, "fair is fair".

Checks revealed that the police have not heard of the situation. They, however, urge the church's pastor to contact them and make a formal report.

THE WEEKEND STAR was able to source a cellular phone number for the pastor but a number of calls to it went unanswered. A deacon said he heard of the demands but thought they were just rumours. He said other members of the congregation have also heard about it.

"From wah day yah, mi a hear more and more people wid dat same argument eno. I can't say is true or is not true because I don't know. But mi hear di argument for real," the 51-year-old man said, adding he has not and probably will not ask the pastor about it claiming he is very feisty.

Nevertheless, men with whom THE WEEKEND STAR spoke via cellular phone yesterday, explained that they do not 'pressure' the leader of the congregation to give them exorbitant amounts of money, but just what he can afford.

They said they are given anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000 on a monthly basis. The money is shared among a group of at least 10 men from the community.

"A nuh really seh we a extort di church eno, a jus' beg wi beg di pastor gi we a thing since dem tek weh di open land from we and a ova deh people use to have fun. A nuh crime dat my boss,," another man reasoned.

Posted: Saturday, January 15, 2011 12:10:19 PM

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Sincerelyyours i see wat yu a seh but dem TUGS deh a nuh de kind to teach fi fish....they wont learn as dem will tink is a trick pastor a trick dem so as not to give them the $5,000 - $10,000 that mean alot more to them...

Yu tink people from de church can go to dem youth deh and a tell de head beggar as yu call him/her bout programme fi learn sewing, hairdressing, (crochting, knitting) and baking dem things deh...they wud seet as DISRESPECTING THEM as nuh mind wah bun dun de church.

He cud try pull dem in a bit by seting up a studio on that same piece a land nxt to the church and tell dem fi come voice anytime dem feel like, but dnt pastor tink he wudnt still hav to giv them the money..as dem a go still need money fi spend..

Well if God cud sit up there in his big golden chair and a think up dem fool fool idea deh fi help dem....im need fi get a new tinking cap or ask mi fi come up to heaven to teach him how things run a jamaica...
Posted: Saturday, January 15, 2011 1:51:59 PM

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Lord,i wish I could leave this alone but I know I gotta!

dem ting a happen dem da actz a Man, NO GOD! How DARE THEE > INSULT D ALLMITY!

What is wrong with you two, it is clear that the actions were of a group of people building A STRUCTURE they by no means ARE THE CHURCH. But only those who know the doctrine would be able to decern, that now withstanding;

The CHURCH (Body of Christ) would consult with the PEOPLE in THE COMMUNITY where THE Building is being BUILT and determine if any acts or intended action are agregious to the people N the community. The community representative denoted as a beggar (the body would not do that - every man has worth to the CHURCH),had the validity of his position negated by a negative label or stero-type, none the less his position is valid.

I see you (I'm leaving you out of this Yours its not your post) struggle with the things of Man how about you leave the THINGS OF GOD . .TO THE PROFESSIONALS! come to think of it .. maybe you should get a LIFE COACH!


1 (Engaged) LOVE
Posted: Sunday, January 16, 2011 10:33:39 AM

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