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PNP Bad Men GET paid fi come a Tivoli Gardner come help fight off the security forces Options
Posted: Thursday, May 20, 2010 6:56:26 PM

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Political enemies prepare to fight cops together

Beckford Street in downtown Kingston was almost clear yesterday as the tension continues over the 'Dudus' extradition matter. The street is normally known for its usual hustle and bustle of vendors and shoppers. - Norman Grindley
Thugs from several areas aligned to the People's National Party (PNP) have joined forces with the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) stronghold of Tivoli Gardens to assist in their fight against the security forces.

THE STAR has learnt that some thugs from Matthews Lane, Rema, Hannah Town and Jones Town are now helping the men from Denham Town and Tivoli, areas that previously were their political enemies.

Reports are that not only are the PNP thugs willing to allow the JLP men passage through their communities if necessary, but they have also taken up arms in preparation of an expected fight against the security forces.

special invite

Asked how this was possible, one PNP gangster who was contacted said, "A di president wi a talk bout eno, a dem man dem seh money ova war, so him set certain link weh no normal man couldn't mek happen."

He continued, "Mi know yu grow up hear seh Tivoli man and Matthews Lane man a nuh fren but now dem man deh all a come a wi dance and a get special invite ... So everybody love di vibes and now dat babylon a pressure bossy dem willing fi help."

It is also claimed that men from Tivoli Gardens had offered their support and assistance when the now incarcerated Donald 'Zekes' Phipps was held by the police so now this is just a way of returning the favour.


It is said that some of the men called into the area have also been paid. They are reported to be offered as much as $100,000 before being distributed with a weapon.

"Money all run pon some a di man dem weh come in and sign in fi dem gun," another thug claimed.

Efforts to get a comment yesterday from PNP officials were unsuccessful. Calls to some persons went unanswered while others declined to comment.

A senior officer from the Kingston Western police said although they have heard of this they are not able to confirm if it is true.

"We know things are not like they once were and men who were once at odds are now linking so it is not surprising. We have heard the talks but can't say this is how it is right now, it is something we will be looking into," the senior officer said.
Gangsta P
Posted: Thursday, May 20, 2010 7:07:51 PM

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I read this from mawning an its sad that they took ppl cell phones people cant leave at all. Basically being held hostage. The sad thing many innocent ppl gunna die. A women was saying that their willing to fit to the bitter end for him woman, man an child. Caw dudus did lots of things for his community.

SO sad when someone is more important then yur child.

The military cant wait to attack dem ready too
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