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Posted: Tuesday, October 28, 2008 9:22:09 PM

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Marlon Vickerman, Star Writer
Residents of Hanover and Westmoreland are scared of out their wits as a group of men, rumoured to be HIV-positive, are said to be prowling the streets of the parishes, attempting to abduct and rape women and children.

The Star has learnt that the perverts, who started plaguing communities some two weeks ago, travel with a noose that they used to capture their victims. Residents say the four men, sometimes accompanied by a female, throw the rope around unsuspecting 'preys' to prevent them from running before abducting and sexually assaulting them.

The situation lead to an abrupt end for the school day at the George's Plain Primary School in Westmoreland last Thursday after the men tried to snatch a student. She, however, managed to escape. In the aftermath of the incident, parents flocked the institution to collect their children, long before school was over.


Principal of George's Plain Primary, Elaine Reid-Smith, said that the incident also severely affected attendance last Friday, as parents were still apprehensive about sending out their children after Thursday's close call. She said yesterday's attendance was much better, however.

"I thought it would have affected our attendance today but the turnout was good," she said. "After the incidents on Thursday, only a handful of students came out to school on Friday."

She continued that the situation was very disheartening as the students were now coming to school in fear, which may hamper their learning. She said she also spoke with the youngster that the men tried to abduct on Thursday. "She used to attend George's Plain but is now attending Petersfield High School she seems to be doing all right, which is very good."

In what is being reported as the most recent incident, a resident of Lucea yesterday told The Star that parents and guardians made their way to the Lucea Primary School about midday after hearing that men attempted to snatch a student of that school as she made her way there. However, attempts to contact the school were unsuccessful and the police could not confirm the matter.

While both the Lucea and the Sav-la-Mar police say they have heard about the 'strong rumour', they noted that they both are yet to receive reports from persons who may have been victims of the mysterious men or came close to being one.

Stepped up patrol

Both told the newspaper that they have stepped up patrol in their areas, as a result, and are working with resource officers placed in the schools to keep an eye on the situation.

They are urging persons with information to come forth and furnish the police with the details.

Unconfirmed reports reaching The Star are that the group of perverts recently abducted and buggered a Rastafarian man in Westmoreland. It is alleged that the Rastafarian later committed suicide as a result of his abduction and ordeal.

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