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The Wildest Fuck I Ever Had Options
Posted: Saturday, November 23, 2019 12:50:20 PM

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I am a 20-year-old 'confessioner' who is a regular reader of your publishing, which I find to be very interesting. Your website has motivated me to write of my own experience.

It was the wildest day of my life. Rain was tearing outside and the place was very cold (and) lonely. My eyes were set on a blue movie. I was home alone and getting really horny, after which I decided to call my boyfriend at work and told him (I) had an emergency. He told me he wasn't doing anything at work anyway and he would be there in about half hour. So I rushed to the bathroom to get a shower and put on the skimpiest outfit I could find. When he arrived he asked me where was the emergency but I knew right away that he saw the emergency because his big 8-inch dick was up showing off in his pants and he got stammer. Then I said, "Baby my body has a fever, could you play the roll of a doctor?" He said, "The pleasure is all mine." He come over to me and started kiss me from my mouth to my neck to the sucking of my breast. Then he lift me from the sofa and carried me to the bedroom and placed me on the bed. He took off his shoes and shirt and then he got under the sheets. He said, "Girl, I want to suck you and make you get it good." I said, "Please do baby!" He took off my clothes and my G-string I was wearing. Then he spread my legs wide apart and start sucking my juicy, wet pussy. He pushed his tongue up to my clit and I started to wine in his face while moaning and groaning.

I said to him, "Fuck me with your tongue, baby; harder and faster!" He immediately started to fuck me with his tongue. I cum 2 times and I couldn't wait to feel his 8-inch dick in my delicious, wet pussy. So I said, "Baby fuck me now," and he took off his pants and pushed his dick in my calling pussy. It feel so great because that was what I wanted. He said, "Oh girl, you are so tight," and I said, "Baby stretch it if you want because it's all yours," and this got him going like a mean fucking machine. He started fucking me with no mercy. I wine and wine while he was fucking me. I said, "Oh yes baby, fuck me like that! Don't stop! Same time the song by Devonte and Tonto Metro started to play (She say she want it, she say need it, she say she love it, give it to her please), and he did give it to me. He had me crying out. I feel like I'm in heaven as he fucked me harder and say, "Baby I ain't gonna stop!" I gave him all positions like doggie style, backshot, lizard lap and more. I cum more than 5 times and when he cum he pulled out his penis and pure sperm on my body and I wipe it all over my body. He gave me what I wanted. For the past 2 years I never had sex like that before. Went to the bathroom and showered together. When we finished he got dressed and said he was going home. I kissed him goodbye. Whenever I feel horny I just call him over. That's the best fuck I ever had. And I can tell you he's mine alone.

Link: www.smutcore.live
Posted: Sunday, December 1, 2019 4:41:30 AM
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you haven't met me yet
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