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In love with a married man Options
Posted: Tuesday, November 5, 2013 7:02:20 AM

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Published: Tuesday | November 5, 2013 0 Comments

Q. I am a Christian working in the artistic world. Therefore, I travel a lot locally, regionally and internationally. Ever so often, about every three months, I meet up with other artistic friends and hang out at a certain club on Friday nights. This group of people includes guys and girls, single, engaged, married, with and without kids; in essence, a wide variety of people. I became close with one guy who is married with kids, as he has always been a good source of wisdom, knowledge, and I trusted him. One night, however, things changed and he tried to kiss me. Naturally, I was frightened and shoved him off. He explained the situation at home that his wife just had the fourth child, and sex was pretty much non-existent. I was not convinced about his argument. I am not in a relationship but I did not want to be involved with him. The next time he tried to kiss me I allowed it. To be frank, I enjoyed it and, eventually, we entered a sexual relationship. When we are away from the club we do not call, text, or communicate in any way, but every time we meet at the club, sex follows. I want to stop but can't resist him. It is now difficult to end. I enjoy the moment but afterwards I feel cheap and guilty. How can I stop when I am falling in love with this married man? I need your advice urgently.

A. You are a Christian and it means that you understand that adultery is wrong. It destroys a marriage and affects innocent persons. You are being unfair to his wife. He is being unfair to you, his wife and children. What are you expecting from this relationship? Do you want him to leave his wife and children? If he leaves his wife and gets married to you, would you ever trust him with other women? This man needs to spend time with his wife and large family. His energies and time should be concentrated on his wife and children.

This man wants to have his cake and eat it. He has no long-term plan for you. He does not communicate with you except for this sexual escapade. He is using you. You need to end this sexual encounter immediately. In addition, stop moving with that crowd. Find another group. The story about no sex from wife is an old trick. He started by kissing you and it is almost certain he planned to get you in bed. He is just excited about his sexual tryst.

You are playing a dangerous game. It can become complicated if he starts to get possessive even though he has no plan for you. This married man is trouble, so flee from him.

You need to learn from this mistake and make all married men off-limits. In addition, trust your initial reaction of pushing him off. You need to start a genuine relationship that can lead to marriage.

It is good that you feel guilty because it shows you have a conscience. Follow your morals and end this thing with the married man.

Posted: Tuesday, June 17, 2014 9:26:14 PM

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Posted: Thursday, June 19, 2014 1:32:05 AM

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Disgusting way to behave.
I've been on the receiving end and my marriage and family have been blown apart and for what?
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