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Posted: Wednesday, October 30, 2013 7:26:11 PM

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Unlike the vagina, the tissues of the anus are not stretchy. This means that the anus can easily tear, which puts the receiving partner in danger of anal abscesses, haemorrhoids, or fissures (a very large tear). Anal sex can weaken your muscles down there, which makes it hard to hold faeces. The anus is full of bacteria. Consequently, the giving partner is especially prone to infections." (The Medical Institute for Sexual Health 2012).


Dear Pastor,

Ganja smoking is not that hot. Yes, I smoked it and my man smoked it too. But I smoked it more than he did. The smoking of ganja caused me to have anal sex with my boyfriend. He told me that he always wanted to have anal sex with me, but he didn't know how to approach me. He was surprised to see me smoking so much ganja one night.

I smoked so much of it, and I felt so high that night, that I did not know that the man took off all my clothes and all of his clothes and had anal sex with me. The only thing I knew is that I felt the heavy weight of the man on me and something was put into my anus. This man knew that I was high and he was ramming me.

I was on fire

I felt that I was on fire. I didn't try to stop him. I just allowed him to have his way. For the last 15 years, I have stopped smoking ganja, but I haven't stopped from having anal sex.

Former Ganja Smoker

Dear Former Ganja Smoker,

It is said that ganja has some health benefits. That is what some scientists say. But it is also said by numerous folks who have used ganja that they did not know themselves for many hours after using ganja as tea, cigarette, and even for baking. I supposed anything that is good can be abused.

You have explained what happened to you in the bedroom and the advantage this man took of you. You became helpless. And even if you didn't want to engage in such sexual activity, you could not resist this man.

I am glad that you have broken the habit of smoking ganja. Perhaps you may come to realise that you should quit having anal sex.
Posted: Tuesday, June 17, 2014 9:37:14 PM

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Shhh Some people like get'n fuck'd n the ass ... It does have long term health consequences ...but itz your .. butt ... As the Isley Brothers .. once sang ... Itz yo thang do what you wanna do >> I can tell ya .. who, what or where ta ave dem sock it to ...(you)


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I do Pray you take it easy on ya ass though ....
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